Hello, my name is Jason Woehl and I am a Christian Apologist. I’m married to a lovely math teacher, DanaLea, and we have three children; Isaiah, Bella, and one on the way. We are members of Harvest Bible Chapel, Vincennes where I served as an elder before stepping down to start Vincennes Apologetics.

I have a lot of different passions but apologetics is the one most of my friends associate with me. In general, a lot of people don’t really know what apologetics is but that’s ok because that is why I decided to start a blog. Apologetics basically means to defend something but when I talk about apologetics I’m not defending just anything. I’m defending Christianity. So I am a Christian Apologist and I defend Christianity against all sorts of false ideas that people have about it and the nature of reality.

In college, I got involved with Campus Crusade for Christ. CRU, as it’s known now, is all about sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with others. The gospel of Jesus Christ is so important to me and is the only hope this world has.  My experience with CRU spurred me forward into apologetics in several ways. First, I was raised with Christianity but I still had a lot of questions. And now that I was in college I did not want my faith to be something I merely inherited but something I was convinced is True. Also, in talking with people about the gospel, some would have contrary ideas they would share and I didn’t know what to tell them. I have to admit I was afraid to share my faith because I never knew what kind of pushback I’d get. Finally, I was being challenged by college professors. Some of them were very passionate about proving that God doesn’t exist and that Christians were idiots.

God led to like-minded people who were struggling with the same kinds of questions I had. We found answers from a variety of theologians and apologists. We soon decided to start a college group: Equip SDSU.

My experiences with Equip SDSU encouraged me to go to Seminary. My bride and I moved to Vincennes in 2008 so that I could attend the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY. I earned my Master of Divinity with an emphasis in Worldview and Apologetics in 2016. I loved my time there! I met so many people, even celebrities in Christian circles, that invested in me.

My passion for apologetics has never waned. I have more than 10 years worth of study and experience and I’m still learning and growing. Last August (in 2017) I attended the CrossExamined Instructor’s Academy in Plano, TX. It was a life-changing event that led me to the start of this ministry, Vincennes Apologetics. It is my hope that this blog will spread a passion for the glory of God through the use of reason and apologetics. I welcome you to participate in the comments section of each blog!

One thought on “Meet Jason Woehl

  1. Enjoyed hearing about your background Jason. Thank you for sharing and I am looking forward to future blogs! God definitely has big plans for you. Rhonda


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