Welcome to the Vincennes Apologetics Blog! I’m happy you are here.

Consider for a moment that you are a Christian parent and your child comes to you and says, “Dad, Mom, I don’t believe in God anymore.” Or, if you do not have children, consider hearing that from anyone you sincerely care about. Would that take you by surprise?

Imagine you are a student in a college classroom. The professor tells you that primitive people invented “god” to deal with the unknown things of life. The person next to you snickers in approval. That doesn’t seem right to you…. but what can you say?

It is in times like these, and more, that apologetics comes in.

Knowing and loving Jesus Christ translates into action.

I started this blog because of Jesus Christ. Knowing and loving him, understanding his message, translates into action. You will want to do something as a result of knowing him but he motivates people in different ways. I am motivated to teach, especially apologetics. I am a graduate of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, where I earned Master of Divinity with an emphasis in Worldview and Apologetics. I also have more than 10 years worth of experience in apologetics and other ministries. You can learn more about me on the Meet Jason Woehl page.

“Always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks for a reason for the hope that is in you.” 1 Peter 3:15

Apologetics is a field of Christian theology that basically means “defense of the faith” but there is a lot of stuff in that. The Bible has quite a lot to say about the subject and it works itself out in a variety of ways. For this blog, I have several series in mind but I will start by digging deeper into what apologetics is and why it is important that you learn it.

Scripture commands Christians to be “prepared to make a defense… for the hope” we have in Jesus Christ. There are several things I have in mind where that connects with you, depending on who you are.

1. I expect that Christians will come away from this blog feeling encouraged that their faith is true, not just true for them, but actually True.

2. I hope that non-Christians will come away thinking that the case for the Christian faith is stronger than they thought.

3. I want Vincennes Apologetics to be more than just a blog. I want it to be a tribe of Christians who want to engage with their communities. Christians who supremely want to share the gospel but also discuss the important topics of culture that we all face.

4. I will be teaching through this blog but I also want to learn. So I would really like your feedback. I’ll be asking questions after each blog but you can ask questions of your own as well.

Here’s the first question: Have you ever heard of apologetics? If so, what has your experience been like?

Your friendly neighborhood apologist,


5 thoughts on “Welcome Blog

  1. I had not heard of apologetics. I am glad to have the definition now. I have older children that are “non-believers”. We don’t talk much about religion because I struggle to defend my belief at times. It seems I always end up with saying “you just have to have faith” and that isn’t good enough for them. They want solid facts. My son believes in the Big Bang theory, my younger daughter goes to church with her boyfriend but says she really doesn’t believe and the Bible is just a story. My oldest daughter believes but doesn’t go to church. All three of them went to church every Sunday with me as children. Probably around middle school is when I let them begin sleeping in and not attending. It was just easier to let them sleep than to fight to get them up to go to church. Their father didn’t attend church either and was on the golf course every weekend. So each one of them has a church background and I am still hopeful that someday they will come back to the church. I am hoping that I will be able to learn to defend my stance and help them see that God is real. Rhonda


    1. Thank you for your post Rhonda! My Dad would make pancakes every Sunday morning in an effort to motivate us kids to get up for Church. I remember the first morning it didn’t work on me and sadly it wasn’t the last. I can’t imagine how hard it was on him, or you, to see your children stop going to church.

      The Christian life carries with it certain expectations, I don’t begrudge anyone wanting solid answers to their questions before signing on. That is what apologetics is all about, providing answers for the hope you have in Jesus Christ. Knowing Jesus you naturally want others to know him as well. And by the work of the Holy Spirit, they will make Jesus Christ their hope as well!


  2. I am looking forward to reading your blog posts, Jason and learning more about my faith. God has big plans for you and for your new ministry!!


  3. Yes, I have used apologetics and have used a systematic, logical approach to witnessing. We must always remember not to be matter-of-factly concerning witnessing as theses are people we are talking with. However, we must not make the witness too personal where our emotions take over. I enjoyed reading the book you shared, “I Don’t Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist” by Norman L. Geisler and Frank Turek. It takes a great approach to establishing some foundations before actually getting into the witnessing. It’s good to know just what your counter believes before beginning or you might be using unknown terms, or taking a stance on non-productive topics and wasting a lot of time and effort. The book also teaches a seasoned Christian to take a different look at their strategy for witnessing or for defending the faith. I HIGHLY recommend the book to all who wish to be bold in their witness.


    1. Thanks for your thoughts Mike! Reading books like Norman Geiger and Frank Turek’s are a great way to “always being prepared to make a defense for the hope that is in you.” I pray it helps you to be an effective witness to Jesus Christ.


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