I took an Cultural Anthropology class in college. We discussed the various people groups and how they did life. The professor was hilarious. he would have slides with comic strips that related to his point he was teaching. My first encounter about evolution was in this class. I would like to say I was like the kid from “God’s not Dead” movie but I was not. My professor made a vague point and I approached him after class to see what he meant. He straightforwardly affirmed common decent of man with animals that I did not think was correct. Once I got my answer, I paused wondering if I should press the issue or was I even able to?

But I didn’t press the issue with him because I wasn’t clear or confident about what I thought on the issue. I didn’t have a “science” back ground. I was doing well in his class but I wasn’t an “A” student. He was the “expert” but still I was still unsettled about his answer.

Soon after that I was introduced to Christian Apologetics. A friend lent me some DVD’s about Creation and Evolution. The speaker was careful to present evolution accurately and then he explained what was wrong with it. He even addressed my original concern. These videos led me to other teachers. Then I found books on a variety of subjects. In short, my exposure to a false idea motivated me to seek out answers that were plaguing my mind.

Apologetics will encourage you to go deep into your faith.

Apologetics will encourage you to go deep into your faith. People who disagree with your worldview don’t hold any punches. They will tell you exactly what they think is wrong with your view. This will require you to continually go to God and His word to find answers.

Apologetics will force you to hear ideas you may not be comfortable with.

It forces you to hear ideas that you may not be comfortable with. I hate the phrase “never discuss religion and politics.” These are two of the most important things to talk about, but in order to be “have an answer” you will have to hear ideas you disagree with (1 Peter 3:15).

Apologetics may correct some false ideas that you’ve been holding on to.

It may correct some false ideas that you’ve been holding on to. I am certainly not perfect. I’m wagering to say you are not either. That means we could be wrong about a particular belief that we hold.

I want you to be careful however. If all you are exposing yourself to are on one side of an issue, it is naturally going to sound more persuasive than it actually is. Proverbs 18:17 says “The one who states his case first seems right, until the other comes and examines him.” Remember to always “honor Christ the Lord as holy” in your life.

Later, because of my studying apologetics, I was able to have intelligent discussions about evolution with the professor who taught the class. That’s a far cry from my experience in Cultural Anthroplogy and well worth my time in study.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Apologist.

Jason Woehl

Question: How confident do you feel about your faith when you hear someone challenge it?

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