I love this interaction my wife had with one of her students. It was during the short time before class when students are talking with one another. A student told her that the Bible endorses treating other people horribly. At first he was eager to share where the Bible says this but when she said “sure, let’s hear it,” he admitted that he did not know. To save face in front of the class, he told her to visit a website he remembers seeing the information. At a later class period he asked her if she visited the site. She did and told him that the first thing she read had logical fallacies in it so she did not think it was a reliable source of information.

“Sure, let’s hear it.”

My wife is a Christian and her experience here is like many others. She was not looking for a conversation about the Bible in her math class, but it found her. She calmly and confidently faced the challenge. How did she do this?

Apologetics. My wife knew what she believed and why she believed it. Knowing why you believe something has a way of strengthening a Christian’s confidence.

Why is apologetics is urgent? Because experiences like my wife’s are common. Christians are told something about their worldview and, if not trained in apologetics, they may not know what to think or say in the moment.

“The percentage of teens who identify as atheist is double that of the general population.”

Sadly Christianity has been leaking followers for several decades now, particularly in younger people. According the the Barna Group, a Christian polling organization, “The percentage of teens who identify as atheist is double that of the general population.” The Barna Group identified that the biggest reason for this is the problem of evil. Teens today cannot see how an all powerful God can also be all good at the same time.

As an aside, logically, the problem of evil is really easy to explain from a Christian world view but twice as hard to reconcile on an atheist worldview. The problem of evil is really easy to answer, but hard to talk about because there is an emotional side to it.

Weak arguments, like the problem of evil, can be easily answered.

Weak arguments, like the problem of evil, can be easily answered but unfortunately many Christians do not know how to. So when we are faced with challenges by your young people we are often caught flat footed. We need to know apologetics and teach it to our young people so that they are prepared for the day when their faith is challenged. You can never know where, when or how that may come.

Let me encourage you though, there is no shortage of books on any variety of apologetic topics. Some make it their full-time vocation to strengthen people’s faith by teaching them answers to difficult challenges. Vincennes Apologetics seeks to do this as well. If you have a difficult question or issue that has come into your life, feel free to contact me through our website.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Apologist,

Jason Woehl

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