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Make it known

We’ve been digging into 1 Peter 3:15. My blogs have been focused on what it means to have a defense for our faith. First, we are to present positive evidence for our beliefs. Also we are to defend those beliefs when anyone attacks them. And finally, we are to know something about how other beliefs … Continue reading Make it known

Cautious Criticism

Let’s start this week by admitting that no one likes the idea of criticism. No one likes being criticized. It can shut people off. And if you are a Christian, unconditional love is what you have been taught. Criticism seems like the opposite of love. Right? Not exactly. The same Apostle Paul who wrote “So … Continue reading Cautious Criticism

A Critical Mind

I hinted last week that a defense attorney’s job is to show how a prosecutor’s case fails as well as defend their clients case. This is like criticism apologetics; refuting claims that conflict with Christian claims. The Apostle Paul commends this in 2 Corinthians 10:5, “We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the … Continue reading A Critical Mind

What is Apologetics: Part 2

Last week we said that apologetics involves two people or groups who disagree about something significant. This week I want to talk about two more elements. And I have compiled another list of definitions from other apologists. “Christian Apologetics is the application of biblical truth to unbelief.” Covenantal Apologetics, K. Scott Oliphint “Christian Apologetics involves … Continue reading What is Apologetics: Part 2